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26 Jan, 2023

Devín’s Potraviny od našich wins prestigious German Design Award

Potraviny od našich

Even local corner shops can have exceptional architecture. Such as Potraviny od našich was awarded at the German Design Award at a gala evening on 3 February in Frankfurt. Project visionaries A.M. Architects received a Special Mention in the Retail Architecture category for the project on which they collaborated with the developer J&T Real Estate (JTRE).

Bratislava’s Devín district had been without a grocery store for many years. Yet entrepreneur and local resident Patrik Tkáč transformed a disused shop into a modern boutique store with bakery, café, and wine cellar that is one of the largest in Slovakia. Jarvis artificial intelligence also enables customers to shop outside opening hours.

"The architectural design responds to Devín’s historical castle area and residential quarter in terms of both aesthetics and materials. The building is divided into two parts: a higher tract with a gable roof to align with the village style, and a lower zone with green roof that creates space for the building’s technology. The interior comprises unprocessed and visible materials – cross-laminated timber roof, steel beams, and concrete walls," comment the architects in describing the project’s environmental credentials.

The German Design Awards recognise groundbreaking designs that contribute to transforming business and society based on innovation, sustainability, and ecology. The awards seek to highlight all-round new designs. Recipients of this prestigious award over the last decade include leading architects such as David Chipperfield, Zaha Hadid, and Ian Ritchie. An international jury of multi-discipline experts decide the awards.