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05 May, 2017

Zuckermandel has first semi-submerged containers in Bratislava

Zuckermandel containers

Bratislava’s first semi-submerged containers are located in the attractive Zuckermandel city district. The official opening was on May 3, 2017 with Bratislava’s Mayor Ivo Nesrovnal, J&T REAL ESTATE project manager Vladislav Beko, and general manager of Odvoz a likvidácia odpadu (OLO) Branislav Cimerman.


The first semi-submerged container site in the capital city has five containers for mixed communal and sorted waste. Containers for mixed municipal waste, paper and plastics have a volume of five cubic metres, and the glass container three cubic metres. The semi-submerged containers comprise a collection bag located at cca 1.5 meters deep. Container handling is simple and clean, and its depth prevents the removal of its contents - stopping environmental pollution. Each container includes a monitoring device to measure fill status.

As apartment block A’s container had to be located near the natural massif, we sought the best solution - semi-submerged containers that we consider suitable for this locality.

Vladislav Beka
project manager, J&T REAL ESTATE

The installation of the five semi-underground containers took eight days, which was preceded by a lengthy administrative process. This pilot project is an example of successful cooperation with OLO, which paid one-third of total costs while J&T REAL ESTATE paid the rest. Expenses included designing, delivering and installing the five containers, design documentation, engineering, construction work, and the delivery and installation of waste-level monitoring devices.