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09 Jul, 2024

JTRE’s Ganz House breaks ground

Ganz House breaks ground

Boutique Ganz House will deliver premium residences and green offices to riverside Eurovea City – a prime destination for work, life and leisure. JTRE’s multifunctional project is taking shape on an attractive triangular plot between Pribinová and Čulenova streets, conveniently by Eurovea shopping centre and the Slovak National Theatre.

Preparatory construction work has been setting a good pace in recent weeks, with heavy machinery and twenty daily workers engaged in excavation activities. A subterranean sealing wall will secure the construction pit, and a pyrotechnic survey has thankfully not found any unwanted legacies from the World War II. The project will provide 65 residences on eight floors, with two levels set aside for offices and retail. Construction management is provided by Tristel.

This premium project will include a nine-storey 10,000 sqm admin area – with the latest fittings and the highest BREEAM sustainability rating. ‘Ganz House’ is inspired by Bratislava’s very first trams - Ganz Budapest - that provided connections in this former industrial-harbour area a century ago. The project’s name also expresses continuity with Bratislava’s trilingual heritage, while ‘ganz’ refers to the building’s multifunctionality. Construction should be completed in 2026.