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22 May, 2017

Messerschmidt’s sculptures at Zuckermandel


Zuckermandel’s attractive public square is displaying seven original size replicas of the Messerschmidt character heads.


These bronze busts on concrete pedestals are a tribute to the Baroque sculptor Franz Xaver Messerschmidt, one of the most famous sculptors of the 18th century. The artist lived and worked in a house in the Zuckermandel area of Bratislava, where his unique work - the character head series - was created. These distinctive grimacing busts are among his most recognisable works, and continue to intrigue with their uniqueness.

We opted to present the character heads individually on pedestals at regular intervals to create the impression of an exterior gallery, while evoking the regular pattern of rhythmically-repeating art works. Their placement in a site of future heavy pedestrian flow, different angles and height-settings will facilitate close connection with the passing public.

Peter Bouda
architect, a visionary of the concept