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Following its world-tour, Ecocapsule can be rented at Bratislava’s Zuckermandel


From New York’s Times Square to Bratislava’s  Zuckermandel. After its successful international presentation, the Slovak company Ecocapsule® in cooperation with  developer JTRE are presenting an opportunity to try the first energy self-sufficient mobile microhome in Bratislava.  Ecocapsule® is located in the Zuckermandel quarter - on a footbridge with unique Danube views - and can be rented by Bratislava’s residents and visitors for one or more nights from September 15.

We had been considering rentable capsules for a long time, so we’re delighted to launch in Bratislava. We can offer the experience of spending a night in an Ecocapsule to everyone interested, and future customers can also try before buying. In addition to this renting experience, we also want to utilise Zuckermandel to organize micro-events highlighting - for example - ecology and zero-waste,“ says Tomáš Žáček, Ecocapsule’s founder and CEO.

People can check out this innovative housing and ask its creators questions until the end of October. It will also be bookable just like any other accommodation – and a night in Ecocapsule® can even be won. Competition details will be announced at the Zuckermandel Facebook page. Thanks to JTRE and Bratislava City, this innovative project will become a popular tourist attraction on the Danube riverside beneath Bratislava Castle.

Zuckermandel has always been seen as an extension of Bratislava’s center between the castle and the Danube - by reviving the legendary Podhradie area - as well as a contemporary city quarter with ecological buildings and spacious public areas with landscaping and natural greenery. And that’s why several innovative companies have found this the perfect place to do business, and the new district attracts visitors to the Rocky Nose natural outcrop, cafes and restaurants, and various events. We’re confident that Ecocapsule® - a Slovak energy self-sufficent project that has gained worldwide attention - will become a popular local attraction too,“ explains JTRE’s executive director, Pavel Pelikán.

Those interested in renting the unique Ecocapsule®

About Ecocapsule

Slovak Ecocapsule® (established 2015) produces energy self-sufficient, mobile microhomes. Each comes equipped with solar panels and a wind turbine, collects rainwater, and also filters water from natural sources. These features make it independent of utility networks, allowing users to survive off-grid anywhere in the world. Ecocapsule® is truly multipurpose:  home, caravan, houseboat, accomodation, remote research station, etc.