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Apartments at EUROVEA 2 set sales record


Expanding Eurovea has already secured its first proud homeowners. JTRE’s launch of EUROVEA CITY residences over the summer was met with overwhelming interest – supported by quality benchmarks such as the 168-meter Eurovea Tower and Riverside Residence on the popular Eurovea shopping centre promenade. 210 apartments have already been sold – which represents 40% of the 488 available.

“The level of interest in this project is completely unprecedented – record setting. Eurovea’s enlargement draws on an exceptional Danube location, high standard apartments with quality layouts, and the excellent reputation of our other projects such as River Park, Zuckermandel, Panorama Towers, and Karloveské Rameno,“ observed  JTRE’s executive director, Pavel Pelikán.

Eurovea Tower

Slovak’s very first skyscraper will have 47 above-ground floors, 389 residences with panoramic views across Bratislava, an exclusive lobby, ample parking, and direct access to Eurovea shopping centre. This elegant building - with graceful curves accentuated by shade during the day and  impressive lighting at night - will gracefully complement the city’s profile. The uniqueness of living in this 168-meter tower will be the delight of height, proximity to Central Europe’s longest river – the Danube, contemporary design, quality of finish, and the prestige of being Bratislava’s new landmark. Building construction will require an incredible amount of concrete – in fact enough to fill 14 Olympic-size swimming pools! And all the doors at Eurovea Tower stacked up would reach 5,051 meters – higher than Europe’s highest mountain, Mont Blanc! Eurovea Tower will be completed in 2023.

Eurovea Riverside

These apartments will seamlessly connect to existing Eurovea promenade residences and will complement the cityscape along the Danube embankment. The 96 new residences with quality materials and the latest tech will enjoy peerless views of the Danube. Interior and communal standards will be very similar to Eurovea Tower and meet the highest expectations. 

Eurovea City

In addition to residences, the new Eurovea City quarter will also include attractive office, commercial and public spaces, two squares, parks, sports areas for all-ages, and a new tram route is planned. And JTRE also aims to construct a world-class congress centre - Bratislava’s first. Public areas are being envisioned by Spanish architect and urban planner Beth Galí, who has designed such areas across the world.  As a centre of living, shopping, working, and relaxation, Eurovea City will encompass a quality urban environment that communicates with its surroundings – and provide impetus for the social and economic growth of the whole city.