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EUROVEA2 Project moving ahead


 J&T REAL ESTATE, the developer of the polyfunctional complex EUROVEA2, continues in the process of project preparation. Currently, the environmental impact assessment (EIA) process is under way, and the process leading to the issuance of the land-use permit continues. EUROVEA2 is divided into individual building so that it continues in smooth interconnection with the historical city centre. It will markedly extend its identical part in the surroundings of EUROVEA, thus supporting the development of Bratislava as a modern European metropolis on the Danube.




The territory of new construction is delimited on the northern side by Pribinova Street, on the eastern side by the Apollo Bridge, on the western side by the residential structure of the existing complex EUROVEA, on the southern side by the riverside line of the Danube. The main part of the polyfunctional project EUROVEA2 will consist of six buildings: shopping centre extension, underground garage, apartment dwelling house at the riverside, two administrative buildings, and a residential tower. The second stage will bring continuation of urban built-up area with an adequate height, similar to the appearance of the already existing built-up area, with gradual increasing towards the Apollo Bridge.

In the vicinity, we are going to build a tall dominant as a distinctive orientation point with 46 above-ground storeys.

Peter Korbačka
J&T Real Estate

Urban landscaping of the zone and public areas


The polyfunctional complex EUROVEA2 is a follow-up to and supplementation of the urban concept of the first stage. It develops the already established street network and takes into account the character of the surrounding urban structure.

Thanks to EUROVEA, the Bratislava riverside came back to life several years ago, and the second stage will only support and extend what Bratislava inhabitants took a fancy to so much.

Peter Korbačka
J&T Real Estate

The in-process design supports the Danube as a significant phenomenon forming the urban development of Bratislava, in particular by cultivating the riverside and supporting a wide range of leisure and sporting activities next to the river. The inhabitants of Bratislava can look forward to sporting zones, shops, services, job opportunities, playgrounds, and a wide offer of restaurants. The popular riverside promenade will be extended up to the Apollo Bridge. 

The objective of all these activities is to allow Bratislava inhabitants to get closer to the Danube and actively use its riverside to a greater extent.

Peter Korbačka
J&T Real Estate

Thus, along with the planned interconnection of the opposite zone New Lido by a pedestrian bridge, the extended EUROVEA  will create preconditions for the real fulfilment of the vision of Bratislava as a “City on the Danube“.


Transport and accessibility


EUROVEA is harmonised with the surrounding city environment as well as suitably connected with the urban mass transportation network, bike trails and city transport communication network. In addition to the extension of the Pribinova Boulevard, the EUROVEA2 design also includes a conceptual design of public transport, connection of new bike trails to the existing ones, and supplementation of the network for movement of pedestrians. EUROVEA2 will complete and increase the quality of biking interconnection of the international Danube route and it will create a bike point, which will result in an ideal place for relax, and social and relaxation activities. The proposed interconnection of tram tracks from the Šafárik Square through Pribinova and Košická to Ružinov, with optional turning in the direction Zimný prístav (Winter Harbour) – Vrakuňa and Mlynské Nivy, can contribute even more to the integrity of the city and to unloading of the current transport situiation. 


EUROVEA in numbers



  • Territory area: 4.6 hectares → 8.5 hectares
  • Shopping centre: 59,000 m² → 84,000 m²
  • Riverside park: 8,400 m² → 15,000 m²
  • Riverside promenade: 17,200 m² → 23,200 m²
  • Offices: 24,500 m² → 64,800 m²
  • Flats: 235 → 722
  • Number of parking spaces: 1,800 → 4,045
  • Playgrounds: 2 → 5
  • Multiplex cinema: 9 screens →     15 screens


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