Our responsibility
Our responsibility

Our responsibility

JTRE is well aware of the significant impact of the construction industry on the environment, as well as its responsibility in dealing with the consequences of the climate crisis and prevention of its worsening, through adaptation and mitigation strategies. Through considerate design and construction of our new projects and responsible operation of our offices, sustainability has made it to the front and centre of our attention. We understand all of the three closely related aspects of sustainability: economic, environmental and social.

Among our company’s priorities in ESG (environmental, social & governance) are especially energy efficiency, sustainable transport and operation, comfortable public spaces, healthy working environment, employee support, good corporate governance and supply chain management, business integrity and transparency. We believe that through responsible construction and project management, we can contribute to a better and more sustainable urban environment wherever we create a new living environment.

Following is a summary of our ESG priorities, based on each category.


Our impact on the natural environment – both our projects and our company’s operation

  • Energy efficiency
  • Sustainable transport
  • Sustainable office
  • Carbon reduction
  • Circularity & Waste reduction
  • Greenery & Biodiversity
  • Water efficiency
  • Sustainable materials

Impact of our projects as well as our company’s operation on humans (building users/the public)

  • Healthy indoor environment
  • Friendly public spaces
  • People & Community focus
  • Wellbeing & Sports
  • Safety & Comfort
  • Employee support & engagement
  • Continuous education & awareness

Impact of our organisational structure, processes, policies and safeguards against misconduct

  • Corporate governance
  • Supply chain management
  • Business integrity & transparency
  • KPI tracking standards
  • Whistleblowing policy
  • Long-term commitments

We support

Our mission is to improve the environment and conditions for living. Our social responsibility, we primarily focus on supporting the development of the capital city, culture, helping the homeless, supporting communities, sustainable growth, education of children and youth, and better access for children to sport.

In Bratislava we kick-started the warmly-welcomed revitalization of several key public spaces: the Great Veil Fountain in Andrej Hlinka Park, Bratislava subways, public transport stops, and the Danube promenade.

In terms of culture, we’re the long-term main partner of the prestigious White Night artistic festival, and a supporter of the Slovak National Theatre as well as other cultural events.

JTRE's charitable activities mainly focus on helping the homeless in connection with the revitalization of community spaces, such as kindergartens and homes for the elderly. As a partner of OZ Stopa occupational therapy, we cooperate on a project that aims to resolve homelessness and help communities. 

JTRE cares about building communities. In all residential projects, we implement children's playgrounds and community spaces that support improved neighbourly relations. We built a community garden for Bratislava’s residents where numerous gardeners meet, and which also has bee hives and an insect hotel. 

We also appreciate our sustainable development responsibilities. We opened a tree nursery in 2023 to provide greenery for our upcoming projects, as well as for municipalities and the public.

We are particularly proud of our Children and Architecture educational project, which through e-learning aims to teach and inspire pupils from across Slovakia. By cooperating with the Slovak Technical University’s Faculty of Architecture and Faculty of Civil Engineering, we build bridges between academic studies and practical application by involving students in JTRE projects.

JTRE aims to improve children's access to sport and exercise. That‘s why we joined SportInstitute’s project and financially supported swimming lessons for 1,900 pupils at elementary schools in the Bratislava districts of Staré Mesto and Vajnory.